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Mining machinery industry status quo and future direction of the development of China

Publisher: Yangzhong Shikun New Materials Co.,Ltd. Release time: 2018-8-12 18:29:25 Hits: 254 Close
"The face of complex domestic and international economic situation, 2013 will be the development of mining machinery industry situation is more severe year. For this reason, increase scientific and technological innovation, and seek to upgrade and actively respond to challenges has become the main theme." China Heavy Machinery Association Mining Machinery Branch executive vice president Wang Jisheng represents members of Congress in 2013, held recently in Harbin on.
Market demand
Wang Jisheng noted that since mid-2011, began to appear part of the backbone enterprises of orders fell, this situation has yet to show significant improvement. By the end of 2012, total order growth in mining machinery fell 16% in the first half of this year, still no signs of stabilization could be expected to continue to decline in the second half as well.
At present, the overall product technical content of the mining machinery industry is still not high, direct control and influence economic efficiency of enterprises, although many enterprises to increase the intensity of research and development and personnel training, adhere to the technology leader and technology leader, but still far from independent innovation capability can not meet the industry and the needs of the market, still need to continue to strengthen and improve.
Wang Jisheng said, "lack of market demand is the primary factor leading to the decline of the industry." Mining machinery products are closely related with the national fixed asset investment by domestic economic growth continued to slow down, the scale of investment in fixed assets continued austerity and shrinking international market demand, industry market space narrowing, many enterprises have been a lack of orders, the production capacity of venting, etc. problem, make the whole industry production and management into a quandary.
"Because of lack of tasks between enterprises in order to compete for limited orders, the price war intensified the market is inevitable." Faced with this brutal market situation, Wang Jisheng privately for enterprises to sweat. Impact of the economic downturn has been so overwhelmed enterprises, coupled with the rising labor costs, lower prices, a significant decline in benefits and many other factors, the company's capital chain is severely tested, which undoubtedly would have run had difficulty letting enterprises worse. In addition, the talent shortage has always been a long-standing problem plagued the industry development, in the current situation, this issue is particularly prominent. Especially SMEs, R & D is weak, the lack of leading talent and highly skilled blue-collar workers, has restricted the development of enterprises "double bottleneck."
When development issues facing the industry, not difficult to find, today's mining machinery companies have a "rainbow night" situation: some small and medium production of "popular and dependable" products in difficult circumstances, but ordering competitive enterprises, the advantages of the product remain can basically meet the production needs.
Transformation is imminent
How to crack this problem, it has become China's mining machinery industry is not open around a threshold children.
In recent years, with rich natural resources and abundant cheap labor, China has become a veritable "world factory." As a rising star in the manufacturing sector, China mining machinery industry has been relying on low prices delivery of their products to Vietnam, Iran, Africa and other developing countries and regions. However, in recent years, China's low-cost advantage mining machinery is gradually disappearing.
Analysis of the industry, in recent years, China's working age population is less and less, and more factory labor shortage, workers' wages jumped up, leading to rising manufacturing costs, which is bound to cause the price of the upgrade; in the past 30 between years, the shortage of resources has become increasingly prominent, the cost of mining machinery manufacturer of access to natural resources is increasing.
The most crucial point, be able to adhere to independent innovation of Chinese enterprises numbered. Domestic manufacturers traditionally are more interested in price, the manufacturers have in their brains from every possible efforts to reduce the cost of the manufacturing sector, the technical level in limited circumstances, manufacturers began to look for cheap or even substandard materials or workmanship, thereby reducing production costs, which led to a drop lower and lower product quality.
Champoux consulting in the "2012 ~ 2016 China's heavy mining machinery industry development prospects and Investment Analysis Report" that, as one of the large industrial equipment, mining machinery and equipment largely rely on the value of technology, improve product only technical level in order to ensure the international market will not be eliminated. Always at a low price for the first production model of Chinese enterprises must fundamentally change up, the more energy and capital into technology research and development to improve the product itself rather than cheap price, we can really win the international market favored place in the increasingly fierce competition in the market. Of course, the technical transformation and upgrading of mining machinery, not only their own responsibility, the relevant departments should also strengthen support and guidance, the introduction of appropriate incentives and improve intellectual property protection, the creation of a freer enterprise independent innovation, norms of economic and social environment.
In fact, some companies to technological innovation as the support, speed up industrial restructuring, continuing to enhance the core competitiveness, we have achieved remarkable results.
"These record at home and abroad to achieve scientific and technological innovations or businesses the most hard-won, is actively respond to difficult mining machinery industry, increase scientific and technological innovation, and to seek transformation and upgrading, and actively respond to the challenges of a typical success." Wang Jisheng said.
Towards China "wisdom" made
Our country is not mining machinery manufacturing power equipment manufacturing technology and there is still a gap compared with developed countries. In the situation of the world economic downturn, the United States and other developed countries proposed to return manufacturing, while mining machinery and low-end equipment manufacturing center has begun to shift from the lower manufacturing costs of Southeast Asia and other countries. In the face of domestic and two pressurized state, our country how to build a new mining machinery manufacturing advantage to become the first to solve the current problems.
After the 2008 international financial crisis, the world economy has three major trends: First, accelerating the manufacturing revolution in developed countries, and to the progressive development of intelligent and digital direction; the second is the global value chain and industry chain structure changes, more and more more multinational companies to research and development, sales center moved to close to the market place; the third is international trade and investment rules change. Reconstruction of the world economy on China's mining machinery manufacturing industry is a crisis, but also an opportunity, the authorities encourage the development of machinery manufacturing enterprises to participate in global trade rules, and in which play an important role.
"To end go manufacturing, mining machinery manufacturers to work hard to build the core competitiveness on!" Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. An Jiatong beneficiation experts believe that China's mining machinery manufacturers many of which are imitation, lack of competitiveness, in new product development, technological innovation, etc. are at a standstill, the domestic mining machinery industry mine actual contribution rate. When faced with the pressure of foreign competitors, China mining machinery companies to take no core competitiveness of products to compete. Therefore, China mining machinery manufacturing industry to upgrade through innovation, from low-end to high-end, from the simple to the development of the mining machine manufacturing design and development, and extended service, to extend the industrial chain, increase the added value of products.
"2013, China's mining machinery manufacturing industry has changed from the high growth speed increase, in this case, the mining machine manufacturers should take the initiative to change their own, to increase investment in technical transformation and improve their core technology, mining machinery industry to achieve . "Wang Jisheng stressed China manufacturing to China 'chi' made the transition from the current slowdown in world economic growth, international trade growth rate down, various types of risk increased significantly, domestic economic development unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable contradictions and problems still outstanding, our mining machinery industry is facing a very complex domestic and international economic environment. In this both opportunities and challenges of the environment, the real economy is still in an important period of strategic opportunities can accomplish a great deal, with the basic conditions for sustained and healthy economic development. Mining machinery industry is necessary to effectively enhance the sense of fully prepared to continue to deal with complex situations difficult to prepare, but also to firmly grasp the opportunity for a major adjustment, positive and promising, progressive innovation.