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China's large mining equipment industry is optimistic about the prospects for development

Publisher: Yangzhong Shikun New Materials Co.,Ltd. Release time: 2018-8-12 18:27:56 Hits: 199 Close
Mining machinery occupies a very important position and role in economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development, are the pillar industries of the national economy. Mining machinery manufacturing industry is a national foundation to establish an independent industrial system, but also to measure an important symbol of national industrial strength. According to the national focus on supporting energy, transport and raw materials and other industrial policy framework for industrial development, mining machinery as the basis of these pillar industries should be given priority focus of national support to be further developed and improved for the development of coal, metal and nonmetal mines provide more high quality, efficient equipment with international advanced level, to meet the economic development needs for energy and raw materials.

The general trend is to open pit mining technology development of domestic and foreign large-scale mining scale, continuous production, equipment modernization.Intelligent mining research and development, the development of scientific and technological progress in the direction of large-scale mining, mining technology forward hydraulic technology, linkage and automation development.

Construction of large-scale mining, large-scale equipment can be used to improve labor productivity, reduce the cost of ore mining. With the commissioning of kiln clinker production line of 5000 ~ 10000t / d, the emergence of a number of large mines with an annual output 100 to 500 000 t of ore, and annual output of 500,000 to 1,000,000 t of ore already medium-sized mines. Currently, ore annual output> large mine 5 million t level has begun to appear.

For a long time, China's coal-dominated energy structure determines the construction of large coal mines ideas, but in today's unprecedented emphasis on government energy efficient environment, the construction of large opencast coal mine will be one focus on the development direction of China's energy construction. Insiders pointed out that as countries strengthen efforts to mine resources, hot mine construction is undoubtedly the major manufacturers of mining equipment to provide a good market opportunity. Large open pit equipment is urgent localization of major national technology and equipment, but also to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry focus areas. Broad prospects for future large-scale mining equipment.

China is currently just over 80% of the excavator market by foreign investors to grasp, such as Caterpillar mining excavators and loaders, dump trucks and other Komatsu mining is very popular in the country, only small batch production of small and medium domestic enterprises excavators, as to meet the domestic market's strong demand for high-end mining equipment, domestic enterprises need to strengthen technological innovation.

It is headquartered in Germany, reports the International Federation of Robotics, China is the world's fastest growing market for industrial robots. From 2005 to 2012, robot sales in mainland China increased by 25% per year on average, in 2012 has reached 27,000. The Federation forecast market demand in China will begin to erupt industrial robots in 2014, by 2016 China will become the largest market.

Societe Generale Securities research report that the domestic robot companies at the initial stage of development, the relatively small scale. New Song Robot 2012 sales of more than 1,200 units (including AGV, etc.), other larger companies in Dongguan Kai-fan, Anhui Ai Fute, GSK, Nanjing Eston, Haiwo Di and other companies on the annual output of less than 400 units. According to the Ministry of Science, "second five" key project expert opinion service robots, parts procurement costs vary with the size of the unit lifting down a lot, industrial robotics industry, with an annual output of 500 to reach breakeven. Therefore, experts believe that Chinese enterprises need to seize the robot host industry demand for rapid growth and support the national policy of development opportunities, the rapid increase of scale and lower production costs in order to improve competitiveness.

Research reported, China's robot industry "Eleventh Five-Year" period average annual growth of about 30 percent, China has become the world's second largest robot market, but the robot has a per capita point of view, China and Japan, Korea, Germany, the United States and other developed countries there is still a gap of 5-10 times, the next few years is still expected to remain around 20% average annual growth rate, after 2015 China will become the world's largest robot market.

Northeast Securities research report pointed out that the robot as automation equipment, in view of its excellent features, it will inevitably become an important part of the automatic control, automated production line robot outfit become the development direction of the automated production line equipment. Since 1939 the company launched Westinghouse robot Elektro, robot made rapid development, used in industrial, military, space, entertainment and other fields. A large extent depend on the character of robot performance of key components (controller, drives, gear), and this is precisely what is the domestic enterprises weak link. Related scientific research institutions, enterprises have done a lot of work in the controller, drive, speed reducer research and development sectors, controller, servo system greatly narrow the gap with foreign advanced level, short board links reducer breakthrough, harmonic reducer domestic there are alternative products, such as the United States and other technical g.

From the history of robotics development abroad (particularly the US and Japan), the policy orientation of the robot industry development direction, rhythm has an important influence. The Government of Japan strongly support the policy by the robot in a wide range of applications in the automotive, electrical and electronics industry, not only to enhance the competitive advantage of related industries, but also makes the robot industry has been developing rapidly. For this stage of China, enlightenment can get is from the point of view to some extent, enhance the degree of automation of the domestic part of the industry (including labor-intensive industries), and to improve the relevant industry comparative advantage, is to reduce the industry two pressure (high-end products to compete Important choice is not strong, high labor costs lead to the outflow of labor-intensive industries) of the situation.

Global industrial robots installed capacity steadily, with Asia, rapid growth in the use of industrial robots, automotive, electronics and other more. From the competition point of view, Japan, ABB's European Department, KUKA, FANUC, Panasonic and other leading positions. From the domestic market, in 2012 installed capacity of nearly 27,000 units, an increase of 19.5 percent compared to last year, but more than 90% of the market are ABB, FANUC, Yasukawa, CUKA other monopoly, while foreign brands in the country to speed up the construction plant, increased level of domestic competition.

Development of the robot will become an important force behind the transformation of the domestic industry. Rising labor costs, robot monomer prices fell so widespread use of robots economy greatly improved; domestic manufacturing industry is facing a double crisis Forced robot automated production line application. Domestic enterprises to cope with aggressive trend robot international brands, the first breakthrough system integration as their important means, and secondly, we believe that based on the domestic labor-intensive industries to take to advance technology-intensive industries are very desirable strategy. At the macro policy level, management planning and frequent pushing domestic robotics industry into the fast lane for the local robotics companies to create a good atmosphere.

To promote the development of large-scale intelligent equipment, as early as six years ago, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, the IRS will jointly launch the relevant provisions, provisions for domestic enterprises to develop, manufacture large-scale open-pit mine with a mechanical shovel excavators and imports Some of the key components and raw materials paid import duties and import VAT implement front-end retreat, tax rebates as a national investment process, into the national capital, mainly for the development and production as well as capacity-building enterprise innovation of new products.

I believe in the policy and joint efforts of enterprises, China's large-scale mining equipment will gradually move toward intelligent, provide more convenience to mining.