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Mining machinery industry is the trend-saving

Publisher: Yangzhong Shikun New Materials Co.,Ltd. Release time: 2018-8-12 18:27:07 Hits: 196 Close
Main innovation, accelerate the pace of development and marketing of high-end mining machinery, processing equipment, crusher equipment and key parts and components. Further improve product quality and enhance service awareness, improve the overall competitiveness of the whole industry. Product innovation is the primary determinant of corporate position in global competition, especially in the mining machinery industry, but also need to play to their creativity and develop eco-friendly mining machinery and equipment.
Building stone building materials is necessary in roads, railways, docks, airports, nuclear power and other infrastructure construction, start each new project must have several or even dozens of mines were supporting various rocks. It is understood that plans to build 153,000 kilometers of highway, but so far, the national highway is 65,000 kilometers, only about 40 percent complete. In railways, in 2010, China's railway investment in fixed assets of 823.5 billion yuan arrangements, including infrastructure investment 700 billion yuan, an increase of these two data are respectively 37% and 17% compared with 2009. Of mining machinery crusher and other product demand to expand.
The first is an increase in demand for mining machinery. Accelerating urbanization, infrastructure construction has made a breakthrough, highways, railways, water conservancy projects, affordable housing, rail transportation and other projects are in full swing, which promote the further development of our economy, but also directlylead to a shortage of resources. In this situation, the mining equipment industry as energy, mining machinery and equipment, natural short supply.
In addition, from the perspective of the development of mining machinery, and its development trend tends to be automated, saving and mining machinery. Which uses low energy consumption and reduce the weight of the design principles used in the actual production of low-pollution materials, do not use as freon, chlorine-containing rubber and asbestos and other hazardous materials, components to facilitate disintegration, broken easily, can be incinerated or recycled as fuel. By reducing energy consumption in the production of energy saving and so on, and the waste of resources through the use of dry tailings discharge equipment, reduce pollution effectively reused. In addition, to facilitate the disintegration of mining machinery parts, broken easily, it can be used as fuel incineration or recycling, green is the new direction.